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Montage Technology Won the "2010 IC China Products Innovation" Award

March 22, 2011 –  Montage received the “2010 IC China Products Innovation” award for its DDR3 Register Buffer M88SSTE32882.

The “IC China Products Innovation” award ceremony is held annually by CSIA (China Semiconductor Industry Association), CEMIA (China Electronics Materials Industry Association), CEPEA (China Electronic Production Equpment Industry Association) and China Electronics News.

The awarded DDR3 register buffer M88SSTE32882 is designed for DDR3/DDR3L/DDR3U RDIMM applications. The chip supports DDR3 DRAM at speeds of up to 2133 MHz, and provides quad chip selects to enable higher memory density. The M88SSTE32882-based DDR3 RDIMM can be used on the next-generation high-performance servers or computer platforms.

For more information about Montage DDR3 register buffers, please consult Montage or access Montage website.

About Montage Technology

Founded in May 2004, Montage Technology is a leading fabless semiconductor company which engages in IC design, application development and product marketing & sales in the areas of digital enterprise and digital home. By combining its IC design expertise in RF, mixed-signal, DSP and Audio/Video decoding SoC with its rich experiences in marketing, manufacturing management and logistics control, the company delivers competitive IC products and solutions for the booming digital enterprise and digital home markets.

In the digital enterprise area, Montage offers industry-leading, high-speed, low-power memory buffer products for the next-generation servers. These products have been part of the critical components for the worldwide cloud computing networks. In the digital home area, Montage provides comprehensive product lines and solutions covering the front-end and back-end of satellite, terrestrial and cable HDTV & SDTV applications.

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