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Montage Technology Received "China Chip of the Decade – Excellent IC Design Enterprise" Award

The “China Chip of the Decade” award ceremony has been successfully held on 22, December, 2010, at Tianjing. Montage Technology was awarded as the “China Chip of the Decade – Excellent IC Design Enterprise” in this ceremony.

The “China Chip of the Decade” award is to recognize the IC enterprises that have made great efforts in driving the development of the Chinese IC industry in the past ten years. The award is sponsored by CSIP (Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center), and has now become a platform to showcase the evolution and achievements of the IC companies and the entire IC industry, as well as the changes of the national policy environment and the development strategies of each economic region in China.

Montage Technology, as a professional IC design company in both digital enterprise and digital home areas, won the award for its great achievements in the past 6 years. In the digital home area, Montage has developed a complete line of digital STB products including tuner, demodulator, HD/SD decoder and various SoC devices, which have gained significant market share. In the digital enterprise area, Montage is dedicated to developing high-speed and low-power memory buffer devices used in next-generation servers. Now Montage’s DDR3 register buffer has been validated by Intel and been adopted by industry-leading vendors of memory modules.

Now Montage has shipped more than 100 million chips since its foundation in 2004. With its solid strengths and advanced technologies, Montage will continue to deliver high performance and most effective solutions for its customers.

About Montage Technology

Founded in May 2004, Montage Technology is a leading fabless semiconductor company which engages in IC design, application development and product marketing & sales in the areas of digital enterprise and digital home. By combining its IC design expertise in RF, mixed-signal, DSP and Audio/Video decoding SoC with its rich experiences in marketing, manufacturing management and logistics control, the company delivers competitive IC products and solutions for the booming digital enterprise and digital home markets.

In the digital enterprise area, Montage offers industry-leading, high-speed, low-power memory buffer products for the next-generation servers. These products have been part of the critical components for the worldwide cloud computing networks. In the digital home area, Montage provides comprehensive product lines and solutions covering the front-end and back-end of satellite, terrestrial and cable HDTV & SDTV applications.

For more information on Montage Technology, please visit: http://www.montage-tech.com/index.html

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