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Montage Technology Was Selected as One of the "China's 10 Most Promising IC Design Houses"

June 3, 2008 – Montage Technology today announced that the company was selected as one of the "China's 10 Most Promising IC Design Houses” by Electronic Engineer Times – China in the selection activity of "China's Original Creation”.

Montage Technology was established in May 2004 by a group of successful entrepreneurs and technologists returned from Silicon Valley. Montage's core team consists of industry leading experts in developing, application and manufacturing management of highest performance mixed-signal ICs. The unique combination of advanced technologies in RF, analog/mixed-signal, DSP and low power design allows Montage to successfully design and develop two product lines - digital STB ICs and memory buffer ICs, over the past four years.

The digital STB product line covers China or DVB specification compliant tuners and demodulators for cable, satellite and terrestrial applications. 7 digital STB products have been in mass production and widely accepted by customers in domestic and overseas markets. The other product line is memory buffers for use in high-performance computers. Montage is one of the 3 to 4 companies throughout the world who have the capability to design the memory buffers which require leading edge technologies. With its innovative high-speed and low-power technologies, Montage has delivered 3 industry-leading buffers with the lowest power. Montage now leads the efforts to establish the power standard for high-performance computers and aims to be the customer's first choice in the memory buffer market.

It is a great honor for Montage to be selected as one of the "China's 10 Most Promising IC Design Houses”. This award represents the customer's recognition of company's outstanding products and services, and their confidence to company's brilliant future prospects.

About "China's Original Creation” Selection Activity

The selection activity of "China's Original Creation” was held by Electronic Engineering Times – China (EET-China), a famous professional magazine in Chinese electric industry. The registered readers of EET-China voted among 71 candidates which were selected by the professional editors from totally more than 400 Chinese IC design companies. The winners were honored "China's 10 Most Promising IC Design Houses”, "China's 10 Famous Brand IC Design Houses” or "China's 10 Best Service IC Design House” respectively.

The selection criteria for the "China's 10 Most Promising IC Design Houses” award are as follows:

-- Whether the company has developed or will develop a business model that may introduce a significant evolution to the existing or emerging technologies or products

-- Whether the company has built up a team with superior engineers and management personnel to challenge the existing management strategy of the electrical industry with appropriate business philosophy and technology practice

-- Whether the company has the ability to deal with sudden challenges and frustrations in its key business/procedures including financing, human resource, engineering development and design, manufacturing, marketing, sales, etc.

 About Montage Technology

Founded in May 2004, Montage Technology is a leading fabless semiconductor company which engages in IC design, application development and product marketing & sales in the areas of digital enterprise and digital home. By combining its IC design expertise in RF, mixed-signal, DSP and Audio/Video decoding SoC with its rich experiences in marketing, manufacturing management and logistics control, the company delivers competitive IC products and solutions for the booming digital enterprise and digital home markets.

In the digital enterprise area, Montage offers industry-leading, high-speed, low-power memory buffer products for the next-generation servers. These products have been part of the critical components for the worldwide cloud computing networks. In the digital home area, Montage provides comprehensive product lines and solutions covering the front-end and back-end of satellite, terrestrial and cable HDTV & SDTV applications.

For more information on Montage Technology, please visit: http://www.montage-tech.com/index.html

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