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Montage Technology to Advance China’s Indigenous Data Center Solutions

Jintide™ solution will combine technology from Tsinghua University and Intel, and be supported by the Seagene Alliance which already has 10 major industry partners expressing their interests to join in.

April 12, 2016, SHENZHEN – Montage Technology today unveiled its plans for Jintide™, a new generation of data center CPU platform designed to address China’s need for indigenously-innovated solutions for energy-efficient data centers and ‘secure and controllable’ workloads, which is targeted to be ready in late 2017 or early 2018. Montage Technology also announced the intention to create the Seagene Alliance, which will support the development, distribution, and implementation of hardware and software solutions based on Jintide™. Several Chinese and global partners have expressed deep interest in joining in the alliance currently including Lenovo, Inspur, Hewlett Packard Enterprise/H3C (HPE), Dell, Byosoft, Samsung, SK Hynix, Micron, Ramaxel and CEC. Montage looks to continually expand the Alliance with additional strong partners.

Jintide™ combines Montage Technology’s Hybrid Security DIMM (HSDIMM™) memory technology, Tsinghua’s reconfigurable computing processor (RCP) module, and standard, high-performance Intel® Xeon® processor to create an innovative and indigenous data center computing engine that enables acceleration of offloaded functions and is dynamically and partially reconfigurable. This is an innovative data center solution with sufficient capability to provide diversified Internet digital services. Importantly, Jintide™ is also secure and controllable which meets Chinese market needs for indigenous data center applications.

“We are pleased to be able to make such a significant contribution to the development of China’s indigenous data center technology with the support of our partners at Tsinghua University and Intel, and interested parties of the Seagene Alliance,” said Dr. Howard Yang, Chairman and CEO of Montage Technology. “China has the world’s largest community of Internet users and is a world-leader in data center solutions. This, along with the growing importance of cloud and big-data applications, makes the data center the next frontier of China’s indigenous technological development.”

The plans for Jintide™ and Seagene Alliance reflect the next step in the collaboration between Montage Technology, Tsinghua University and Intel first announced in April of 2015 and formalized in January of 2016.

“It’s rewarding to see our latest academic research into reconfigurable computing platforms incorporated into such an exciting product roadmap,” said Prof. Shaojun Wei, Director of the Institute of Microelectronics of Tsinghua University, “Montage Technology and Tsinghua’s RCP technology represent the best of indigenous innovation, and will help to propel a new generation of Chinese businesses and applications.”

“We are happy to be working with Tsinghua University and Montage to support the development of locally innovated solutions to meet the needs of the China data center market. It’s exciting to see such strong interest in the Jintide™ platform at this early stage,” said Mr. Ian Yang, Corporate Vice President of Intel and President of Intel China.

Photo of Participants at the Event

Front row (left to right): Leijun Hu, Xiangdong Deng, Stephen Tai, Xu Chen, Howard Yang, Shaojun Wei, Leibo Liu, Zhan Gao, Huabing Wang, Kevin Cheng;
Back row (left to right): Xiang Li, Henry Cao, Kyu Young Lee, Rajeeb Hazra, Diane Bryant, Wenping Gao, Ian Yang, Kyle Kim, Dong Wei, Baijun Zhao

Mr. Wenping Gao, VP at China Lenovo, stated “Lenovo has been driving indigenous innovations for China IT infrastructure development for years. We will provide comprehensive support to this upcoming product to build trusted data center solutions for customers.”

Mr. Leijun Hu, Vice President at Inspur, stated "Inspur has been dedicated in creating business values for the customers in Internet data center industry through continuous technology innovations. At the same time, we look for like-minded partners such as Montage to help jointly develop the market and address the customers’ future demands for the data center. We give our full support and co-operation to Montage’s efforts in data center solutions, and we will work together to promote innovation and provide users with quality solutions, products and services.”

"Through having a partnership with Montage and supporting the development of the innovation of data centers, we are committed to helping improve data security solutions through leading storage technologies”, said Dr. Jung-Bae Lee, Senior Vice President of Memory Product Planning and Application Engineering Team, Samsung Electronics, “We will spare no efforts in coming together with Montage to carry out technological research to provide Chinese businesses and users with stable, reliable and secure computing solutions that will help to realize business value.”

“As the preferred BIOS vendor for the domestic market, BYOSOFT not only offers comprehensive products and solutions but also offers professional services”, Mr. Zhan Gao, Deputy General Manager at BYOSOFT noted, “We are pleased to collaborate with Montage to bring indigenous and reliable solutions for China data center market leveraging complementary advantages of two companies.”

Mr. Xu Chen, Deputy General Manager at CEC, stated, “As a national level player and leader in Chinese information security industry, CEC is pleased to be a member of the alliance and cooperate with so many outstanding vendors to construct a world-leading ecosystem that meets China secure and controllable requirements for China Chips and Servers. The collaboration will be developed with Montage Technology at the core and open to all interested parties based on a win-win business model.”

This announcement event attracted a number of first-class domestic and foreign enterprises to jointly seek development of the indigenous data center industry. We believe, with the full support of Intel, Tsinghua University and numerous industry partners, we will be able to advance the development, production and industrialization of the Jintide™ platform smoothly and build the Seagene Alliance rapidly, and thus meeting China’s increasing market needs for innovative data centers.

About Montage Technology

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