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Montage Technology Named 2011 Red Herring Global 100 Winner

Shanghai, China – December 14, 2011 - Montage Technology today announced that it has been named a Red Herring Global 100 winner, a prestigious award in recognition of the year’s 100 most innovative private companies from around the world.

Red Herring’s Global 100 list has become a mark of distinction for identifying promising companies and entrepreneurs. The companies are evaluated on both quantitative and qualitative criteria, such as financial performance, technology innovation, management quality, strategy, and market penetration.

“Choosing the best out of the previous two years was by no means a small feat,” said Alex Vieux, Chairman of Red Herring. “After rigorous contemplation and discussion, we narrowed down our list from 1,100 potential companies to 100 winners. It was an extremely difficult process. Montage Technology should be extremely proud of its achievement, the competition for the Top 100 was fierce. The Top 100 Global are truly the best of the best.”

It is a great honor for Montage to be named as a Red Herring Global 100 winner. This award recognizes the company’s innovative technologies and solutions in the digital set-top box (STB) and memory interface areas. Montage has demonstrated its excellence in developing total STB solutions covering RF front-ends to back-end SD/HD decoders. At the same time, the company has become a leader in the challenging memory buffer market by delivering high-performance memory buffer ICs with the world’s lowest power consumption.

The Red Herring Global 100 award is a milestone for Montage. By leveraging its IC design expertise in RF, mixed-signal, DSP and Audio/Video decoding SoC, as well as its industry leading low-power design methodology, Montage will continue its success in serving the digital STB and cloud computing markets in the years ahead.

About Montage Technology

Founded in May 2004, Montage Technology is a leading fabless semiconductor company which engages in IC design, application development and product marketing & sales in the areas of digital enterprise and digital home. By combining its IC design expertise in RF, mixed-signal, DSP and Audio/Video decoding SoC with its rich experiences in marketing, manufacturing management and logistics control, the company delivers competitive IC products and solutions for the booming digital enterprise and digital home markets.

In the digital enterprise area, Montage offers industry-leading, high-speed, low-power memory buffer products for the next-generation servers. These products have been part of the critical components for the worldwide cloud computing networks. In the digital home area, Montage provides comprehensive product lines and solutions covering the front-end and back-end of satellite, terrestrial and cable HDTV & SDTV applications.

For more information on Montage Technology, please visit: http://www.montage-tech.com/index.html

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