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Job Description:

Be responsible for the development of the verification platform including the scripts developing, SoC testbench building, evaluating the cutting edge of verification methodology and integrating them into the platform;

Be responsible for the SoC database management, SoC simulation bring-up, regression and coverage collection and analysis;

Implement the SoC functional verification tasks from verification plan definition to tests development on both sim and emu platform;

Implement the gate level and low power simulation with UPF.


BS or MS degree with 2+ years of experience in ASIC/complex SoC verification;

Strong skill of the scripts languages(Python/Makefile/Perl) and hands-on experience in SoC simulation ENV development;

Familiar with HDL languages (Verilog/VHDL/SV), simulation tool-chain (IES/VCS/Questa) and testbench design with SV.;

Familiar with assemble instruction sets and knowledge in how to integrate low level driver software into SoC architecture. Solid debugging ability on ARM processors is preferred;

Good communication skills, willing to work with IP/SoC/CAD team closely;

Hands-on experience in UVM is a plus;

Experience related to Low Power Verification with UPF/CPF flow is a plus;

Experience in gate level simulation is preferred.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Module-level architecture definition and design;

Module-level RTL implementation;

Simulation/Verification at both module and system level;

Module-level synthesis and timing analysis;

Writing design spec and report;

FPGA/silicon debug on related modules.


Bachelor degree or Master degree in ASIC design relevant;

Minimum 3 years of SoC design experience;

Experience in AXI/AHB bus structure and arbiter;

Solid knowledge in digital IC design;

Strong skills of Verilog RTL coding and simulation;

Hands-on experiences on EDA tools, such as Cadence and Synopsys tools;

Familiar with C language;

Relevant experience in set-top box product and chip system level integration;

Good communication skills and good oral/written English.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Build up and maintain FPGA test platforms,including schematics design and layout support;

Collect function points from design specification, generate/run/debug test cases on FPGA;

Porting ASIC to FPGA and generate bit file, including simulation, synthesis and PaR;

Help to develop driver for modules and silicon chip bringing up, validation and debug.


BSEE with 5+ years of experience in FPGA design;

Experience in digital and analog circuit design and debug;

Familiar with lab equipment, such as oscilloscope, logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer, etc.;

Knowledge of video, audio and common interface;

Proficient in C programming under Windows or embedded RTOS;

Knowledge of PLD/FPGA design flow using Verilog/VHDL and EDA tools such as Xilinx ISE and Altera Quartus;

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Contribute to embedded software development in one or multiple of the following areas:

Linux OS, bootloader and other IO driver (HDMI/USB/ETHERNET/SDRAM/FLASH/UART etc);Multi-format audio and video decoder, demultiplexer, graphics;Middleware modules for common STB/DTV industry protocols;Application modules for various STB/DTV solutions; GUI modules.

Tasks will include:

Developing pre-tapeout software verification test cases;Software design and review;Software programming and review;Software test plan and test module development;Software debug;Customer requirement analysis and customer support.


Bachelor or master degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related fields;

Solid C/C++ programming skill;

Good English writing and reading skills;

Good communication skill, team work spirit, self-motivated.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Responsible for STB embedded system development, including middleware, application, system architecture design and development;

Provide reliable solutions to a variety of problems;

Perform technical root cause analysis and outline corrective action for given problems;

May perform as a technical leader or Lead Software Engineer for projects.


Bachelor/Master degree, majoring in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering , Communication Engineering or related field;

Proficient in C/C++ with 5+ years of experience in OOD and embedded software development;

Working experience in embedded RTOS such as uCos/eCos or linux is a must;

Rich experience in software architecture design, including design & development of system architecture/application/framework/middleware/driver & validation test bench for Embedded System;

Beneficial: related experience in IPTV/OTT/IoT/DTV product design, excellent understanding of DVB standards and communication protocols such as TCP/IP stack;

Proactively learner and eager for new technologies;

Strong ability for communication and coordination with different levels, teamwork player, can work under pressure;

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Develop and maintain test code on uCos/eCos and Linux platform;

Develop and maintain auto test tool;

Perform android CTS test.


Bachelor degree in computer science, electrical engineering, or related fields;

3+ years of experience in white box testing;

Must master C/C++ programming language;

Solid experience in uCos/eCos/Linux platforms;

Familiar with STB/DTV industry specs and protocols;

Good English writing and reading skills;

Good communication skill, team work spirit, self-motivated.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

ECos/Linux based SoC embedded software development;

Customer requirement analysis and customer support;

Software programming, review, and debug;

UI modules develop and maintain.


Bachelor or Master degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related fields;

Solid C/C++ programming skill;

Good English writing and reading skills;

Good communication skill, team work spirit, self-motivated;

Can work under pressure and short deadlines, team player.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

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