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Job Description:

Micro-architecture definition/writing IC design spec;

RTL coding for logic modules;

Simulation/Verification of functionalities at both module level and top level;

Module level synthesis / timing analysis;

Writing complete design/verification reports;

Silicon debugging of the related module functionalities;

Writing test patterns for production tests.


MSEE with 5+ years of experience in digital design;

Relevant experience in high-speed and low power digital design is must;

Solid knowledge in digital design building blocks (Data-path, Synchronizer, FIFO, etc.);

Strong skills of Verilog RTL coding and verification and debugging;

Hands-on experience in EDA tools such as Cadence NC-Sim, Synopsys DC and PT;

Relevant experience in DDR interface and flash design is a plus;

Self-motivated and team player.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

System integration;

Simulation and verification of functionalities at both module and chip level;

DFT strategy definition and implementation;

ATPG pattern generation and validation;

Synthesis and timing closure.


5+ years of digital design experience;

Strong RTL coding and verification capability;

Hands-on experience in ASIC implementation flow and corresponding tools: DC, PT, etc;

SoC project experience;

Familiar with ARM or MIPS or x86 architecture;

Basic assemble and C programming capability;

Self-motivated and study capability;

Familiar with Mentor DFT flow is a plus;

Low power design experience (UPF design, verification or implementation) is a plus.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Support RD Linux/UNIX network/OS/hardware;

Provide Perl/SKILLl/TCL script support and develop necessary scripts or tools for IC designers;

Support EDA tool and EDA design flow, especially digital front end flow (DC/PT/FM/DFT/Incisive/VCS/Conformal/Tessent etc);

Support timing characterization flow for stand cell/IO/memory/analog IP;


BSEE or MSEE with minimum 1 year of experience;

Familiar with EDA design flow for mixed-signal design;

Familiar with UNIX/Linux Operating system, VNC, Exceed;

Familiar with Computer languages such as C, C++, Perl/TCL/C-shell;

Familiar with version control tools like DesignSync, CVS, SVN, etc.;

LSF or SGE experience is a plus;

Good communication skills.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Play a critical role in meeting corporate goals with your experience to develop ATE test hardware & software to support IC design center;

Develop/convert/migrate hardware & software between test systems to increase test coverage and production throughput;

Enhance the existing test techniques for maximum test quality to minimize customer returns and to reduce test time;

Customize existing test hardware to PCBs for test repeatability, cost effectiveness, maintenance and productive debugging;

Procure essential instruments to continuously upgrade test engineering lab for bench-to-tester correlation;

Develop software tools to reduce test program development cycle time by automating generation of test programs from libraries of proven test methods;

Setup/transfer new products and technology for production off-load at off-shore.


Knowledge of ATE testing is essential;

Working experience in fast pace semi-conductor manufacturing environment;

Good sense of responsibility and positive working attitude;

Willing to travel at short notice;

BSEE/MSEE in Electronics/Electrical Engineering;

Experience in Mixed Signals and RF testing is preferred;

Good written and oral communication skills;

Knowledgeable of Teradyne J750 Catalyst or Advantest 93K ATE systems;

Able to understand, debug, modify and improve test programs;

Able to manage sub-contractors at different locations;

Circuit Design (IC) background will be taken as an additional qualification.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Contribute to embedded software development in one or multiple of the following areas:

SoC or board level verification and software development;Driver development and software module maintain and support for the mass production of IC;Development, verification and certification for Security/CAS/DRM integration with related vendor form the third part.

Tasks will include:

eCos/Linux based device driver and SoC embedded software development;Bootloader/Uboot/BSP development;CA component development for STB/DTV application;TEE driver and secure OS development for Security/CAS/DRM application;The third part software module or protocol software development or porting for different embedded platform or OS;Software test plan and test module development.


Master or bachelor degree in software engineering or computer science;

5+ years of embedded software development experience, especially in the field of set-top box, DTV or OTT related products;

Solid embedded Linux development skills, including both application and kernel/driver development;

Experience in developing UCOS/ECOS would be a big advantage;

Good C/C++ programming skills;

Familiar with ARM TEE/TrustZone architecture and ARM SoC system architecture;

Hands on experience of multi-thread/process programming on Linux. RTSP and web server development experience would be a big advantage;

Can work under pressure and short deadlines, Team player.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Develop Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n), Bluetooth middleware and application on Android platforms;

Optimize power and performance of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC subsystems on Android platforms;

Develop Android GUI, framework and applications to enable new use cases of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity features;

Support customer porting/debugging remotely or onsite as needed.


Bachelor in EE, CS or equivalent is required;

3+ years of relevant experience in Android/Linux development and debugging is required;

Experience in C, JAVA programming and debugging is required;

Knowledge of WiFi/Bluetooth is a must;

Good teamwork.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Lead the work for the embedded 2D/3D graphics engine development and optimization for Montage Group;

Be responsible to work with partners to make these STB/OTT platforms & applications to achieve the most compelling 3D/2D performance for all mainstream embedded OSes and 3D/2D usage models.


Good algorithm background on 2D or 3D graphics area, such as computer graphics, image processing, 3D reconstruction, etc;

Good project experience in 3D/2D chipsets, either development or validation;

Excellent C/C++ programming and debugging skills;

Understanding of the embedded system architecture, familiar with Android and Linux;

Experience in OpenGL, OpenGL* ES, OpenVG, D3DM, GDI is a plus;

Experience in software optimization, performance tuning, graphics theory and algorithm is a plus;

Experience in image processing is a plus;

Good verbal and written communication skills;

Good teamwork.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Develop and/or integrate a set of multimedia technologies, including but not limited to video SW/HW encoder/decoder, multimedia framework, multimedia application etc. onto Montage embedded platform as a complete STB/OTT devices.


Solid multimedia technology knowledge, such as video/audio codec, media container formats, media streaming etc;

Experience in OpenMax/Gstreamer or other multimedia framework;

Experience in Android native layer multimedia framework;

Experience in HW video codec is a plus;

Familiar with H264/H263/MPEG4/MPEG2/H265 standard is a plus;

Experience in streaming protocol or usage, like TCP/IP, RTSP, HTTP live, VoIP, is a plus;

Familiar with GPU is a plus;

Good written and verbal communication skills with English & amp; Chinese;

Preferred: Bachelor, EE/CS with 5+ years of experience or Master, EE/CS with 3+ years of experience.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Design and develop Android application for OTT/STB/Dongle products;

Integrate and debug Android framework subsystem including but not limited to Media, Graphic, Audio, Bluetooth, TV subsystem;

Debug and tune Android HAL/Middleware together with Driver/BSP team;

Debug and tune Android system application together with APP;

Conduct subsystem Performance tuning to meet production requirement;

Support the testing and stabilization of integrated android software stack;

Support customer SW applications in a timely manner and onsite.


Good understanding and excellent programming skills in Android, 3+ years of experience in android framework is highly desired;

Proven ability to debug complex android framework and stacks;

Strong software engineering and programming skills in C/C++ is highly desired;

Experience in Java programming is a big plus;

Good written and verbal communication skills are required.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Generating sub-module design specification from prototype architecture;

High-speed (>500MHz) circuit design, including RTL coding, IP using, simulation, timing closure and bit file generation;

Porting ASIC to FPGA, generate/run/debug test cases on FPGA;

Writing Design report;

Building up and maintaining FPGA test platforms, including PCB schematic design and layout support.


BSEE with 7+ years experience in circuit design with FPGA;

More experience in IP using/debugging, such as PLL, MCU, PCIe and DDR4 interface;

Knowledge in DDR4 memory system and Intel server platform;

Familiar with lab equipment, such as oscilloscope and logic analyzer;

Familiar with PLD/FPGA design flow using Verilog and EDA tools such as Xilinx ISE and Altera Quartus;

Knowledge in TPM, encryption IP etc. is a plus.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

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