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Job Description:

Lead PCIe3.0/4.0 PHY development including architecture selection trade-off, design partitioning, circuit and logic design, verification, validation and DFT;

Work with project design team for whole chip integration and verification;

Supervise physical design and conduct SI and PI analysis and optimization;

Work with test engineer to develop engineering and production test platform.


Master degree or 10+ years of experience in high speed IC development and specialized in PCIex PHY;

Deep understanding of PCIex standard and application environments;

Hands on experience in PHY architecture and module design, good insight in the implementation issues, test and debug process;

Familiar with PCIex compliance test;

Proven track record of PCIex PHY product tape out in 28nm process or more advanced process;

Positive mindset, self-driven and good team player;

Good documentation and presentation skill.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Work with TM to define new products for enterprise server and data center applications;

Write the architecture and performance requirement spec from the MRD/PRD;

Conduct technical feasibility analysis, identify design challenges and estimate effort;

Work with project leader to define design strategy and execution planning;

Support application engineers for system test and validation.


Master or Ph.D. degree with 10+ years of experience in server CPU development with specialty in system memory control and management;

Proven track record of server CPU development tape out in 20nm or more advanced process nodes;

Solid technical background and in-depth knowledge in CPU architectures and operations;

Excellent written and oral communication skills in both Chinese and English;

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Participate ASIC digital verification for various PCIe IP/SoC projects;

Create PCIe verification plans with designers;

Develop DV architecture and verification environment;

Verification execution and sign-off.


Excellent team work style;

Production experience in PCIe Gen 3 products;

Solid IP/SoC verification background;

Mass production for verified IP/SoC;

Bachelor with 7+ years of experience in ASIC digital verification (Master with 5+ years );

Expert in System Verilog/UVM;

Expert in scripting;

Good English skills (read and write);

Skills plus:

Production experience in simulation acceleration solution;Production experience in in-circuit emulation solution;Familiar with x86 architecture;Good understanding on modern Operating systems and virtualization for PCIe.
HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Development of next generation solutions for advanced memory interfaces of data centers;

High speed SI simulation and analysis;

Extraction of channel model using standard industry tools;

Lab measurements of interconnect channel in frequency and time domains.


MS in Electrical Engineering/Microwave/Physics/Computer Science/Math;

Knowledge of Electromagnetic and Microwave concepts;

Knowledge of a programming or scripting language in a Windows/UNIX environment;

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;

Passion for technology;

Eager, quick learner with strong team-work spirit;

Excellent technical communication skills.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Write micro-architecture definition and design implementation Spec;

Write RTL coding for block or top level;

Do IP level synthesis/timing analysis/formality check/CDC check/Code coverage check;

Assist verification engineers to complete module and top level simulation and verification;

Debug RTL/Gate Level waveform at module or top level;

Do Silicon debugging of the related module functionalities and provide ECO solution accordingly.


MSEE with 5-6 years of experience in digital design;

Relevant experience in high speed IO IP design, and PCIe design experience is a big plus;

Very Strong skills in Verilog RTL coding, simulation debug and base or metal layer ECO;

Hands on experience in EDA tools such as Cadence NC-Sim, Synopsys DC, PT, etc.;

Strong skills in Script and be familiar with TCL, Perl, etc.;

Self-motivated, good team work spirit and good communication skills.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Design, simulate and verify high speed CMOS analog and mixed-signal circuits;

Work closely with layout designer for layout implementation;

Define specifications of sub-modules and create design documentation;

Do silicon test, characterization and debugging.


MSEE with 1-3 years of experience in analog design;

Solid knowledge and experience in analog and mixed-signal circuit design;

Experience in high speed I/O related area (Transmitter, Receiver, DDR IO interface, etc.) is a plus;

Good understanding of deep submicron CMOS technology process and device physics;

Tape-out experience in 40nm, 28nm is a plus;

Proficiency of EDA design tools (Virtuoso, Spectre, HSPICE, AMS, etc.);

Experiences in Verilog, Verilog-A and/or Matlab.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Design, simulate and verify high speed CMOS analog and mixed-signal circuits;

Conduct high speed serial link system behavioral modeling;

Supervise layout floor plan and design of IC blocks;

Help define specifications of IC blocks and create design documentation;

Do silicon test, characterization and debugging.

Make knowledge sharing/presentation within design team.


MSEE or above with minimum 7 years of working experience;

Strong experience in DFE (Decision Feedback Equalizer) or CDR (Clock Data Recovery) circuit design;

Experience in DDR or other high speed designs (e.g. PCIe, HDMI, SerDes) is preferred;

Good system level knowledge on high speed serial link;

Strong lab experience in silicon debugging, good understanding on lab instruments (e.g. oscilloscope, network analyzer);

Ability to supervise layout floor plan and design;

Good understanding on deep submicron CMOS technology process and device physics;

Proficiency of EDA design tools (Virtuoso, Spectre, HSPICE, AMS, etc.);

Experiences in Verilog, Verilog-A and/or Matlab;

Good communication skill and good command of written English are highly desired.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Design for manufacture (DFM)

Design for test (DFT) strategy, methodology at architecture design stage; Based on DFT strategy, help analog/digital designer to implement DFT RTL/circuit design; Follow up ATE test development and debug, analyze issues and propose solution; Based on deep sub-micron process feature, provide strategy and methodology for low DPPM design; Provide DFM rules and/or guard line on 28nm and 40nm process.

Design for reliability (DFR)

Design for reliability strategy and methodology, such as ESD protection and Latch up protection scheme; Help designer to implement ESD and Latch up protection in design; Provide DFR rules and/or guard line on 28nm and 40nm process; Define reliability test spec and test method; Follow up reliability test, analyze issue and propose solution.

Design for qualification

Design for ESD/Latch up test strategy and implementation; Design for burn in strategy and burn in mode implementation.


BSEE or above with at least 3-5 years of experience in DFT,DFM,DFR;

Experience in product testability, qualification able and manufacturability;

Ability to support test engineer to develop ATE test;

Ability to support product engineer to fulfill qualification and characterization;

Good understanding of ESD, Latch up protection;

Good understanding of 28nm, 40nm process design rule and guard line;

Good verbal and written communication and presentation skills, positive attitude;

Willing to take challenges and solve difficult technical problems;

Quick learner.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Play a critical role in meeting corporate goals with your experience to develop ATE test hardware & software to support IC design center;

Develop/convert/migrate hardware & software between test systems to increase test coverage and production throughput;

Enhance the existing test techniques for maximum test quality to minimize customer returns and to reduce test time;

Customize existing test hardware to PCBs for test repeatability, cost effectiveness, maintenance and productive debugging;

Procure essential instruments to continuously upgrade test engineering lab for bench-to-tester correlation;

Develop software tools to reduce test program development cycle time by automating generation of test programs from libraries of proven test methods;

Setup/transfer new products and technology for production off-load at off-shore.


Knowledge of ATE testing is essential;

Working experience in fast pace semi-conductor manufacturing environment;

Good sense of responsibility and positive working attitude;

Willing to travel at short notice;

BSEE/MSEE in Electronics/Electrical Engineering;

Experience in Mixed Signals and RF testing is preferred;

Good written and oral communication skills;

Knowledgeable of Teradyne J750 Catalyst or Advantest 93K ATE systems;

Able to understand, debug, modify and improve test programs;

Able to manage sub-contractors at different locations;

Circuit Design (IC) background will be taken as an additional qualification.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

Job Description:

Design competitive low power and area-saving analog IP such as PLL, DDR, USB, HDMI, Audio codec, high-speed & high-resolution data coverters(ADC DAC), high speed IO, high-precision-band-gap, LDO, etc.;

Write design spec and conduct feasibility research for advanced IP over above area;

Oversee layout and verification activities including floor plan, LVS and DRC;

Work closely with design validation and characterization team to support successful product release;


3+ years (5+ years for BSEE) of experience in analog design with Bachelor or Master Degree;

Familiar with EDA tools including HSPICE, Spectre, HSIM, Calibre, etc.;

Deep knowledge of analog circuit design such as band-gap, LDO, PLLs, ADC, high-speed ser-des, IO;

Experience in Matlab;

Ability to do layout and provide verification/debugging guidance;

Creative thinker, capable of finding an appropriate solution to complex problems;

Self-driven and proactive;

Team player, able to work in a cross-functional-team environment.

HR Contact: hr@montage-tech.com

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