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Montage Jintide® CPU is a trusted secure and controllable x86 processor with PrC (Pre-check) and DSC (Dynamic Security Check) technology that can be used in Jintide® or other server platforms. Powered by Tsinghua University's DSC technology, the Intel® x86 architecture based Jintide® CPU works in conjunction with Montage’s HSDIMM® (Hybrid Security Dual Inline Memory Module) to deliver compelling silicon-level system security for servers in the cloud computing industry. The CPU also incorporates advanced heterogeneous processing and interconnect technologies to provide strong support of comprehensive data processing and computing power for future AI and big data applications.Jintide® CPU Product List

Jintide® Secure and Controllable CPU

The Jintide® secure and controllable CPU innovatively combines a standard Intel® Xeon® processor with Tsinghua University's DSC technology, in which Xeon® acts as the core computing engine and the DSC performs security related tasks, such as high speed IO-tracing, memory tracing and CPU behavioral checking, thus providing a comprehensive, real-time secure and controllable server-CPU solution for China's booming data center market.

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