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M88TC3800 - DVB-C/T2/T & DTMB Hybrid Silicon Tuner

M88TC3800 is a highly integrated silicon tuner designed for cable and terrestrial TV receptions for both analog and digital signals. The device is fully compliant with DVB-C/T2/T and DTMB standards for digital TV, as well as PAL-D/K/I standards for analog TV.


Highly integrated silicon TV tuner eliminating external SAW filter and Balun

Support multi-standards such as DVB-C, DVB-T2/T, DTMB as well as analog TV standards

Low noise and high linearity

High performance phase lock loop with extreme low integrated phase noise

6MHz, 7MHz or 8MHz channel bandwidth with programmable analog low pass filter

Programmable IF output to be compatible with demodulators

Fully programmable via 2-wire serial bus interface

On-chip VCO and automatic frequency control (AFC)

16 to 24MHz crystal oscillator with clock-out function

Single power supply: 3.3V

Sleep mode supported

Low power consumption

Fully RoHS compliant

Digital TV receiver

Set-top boxes (STB)

Integrated digital TV system (iDTV)

Analog TV system (ATV)

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